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Mindfulness has been a concept for centuries. The idea of focusing our attention on the present, by bringing an attitude of openness and acceptance to whatever is happening around us.

Its human nature to reject the things we don't understand and commonly complain and reject new ideas. Mindfulness is included, these complaints are generally caused by misunderstandings.

We are all brought into this world as a blank canvas, it is only by what we are told and how we are brought up determines on how we relate, to how we interpret situations.

Within the Mindfulness Life Coaching programme you will be able to improve positive thinking patterns, identify your positive and negative influences, learn how to process your thought and core values. Applying with reflection and meditation and achieving life balance in a mindful way. Be Successful and much more.


£45 Individual Sessions.

£120 for 3 Sessions booked in advanced.

£210 for 6 Sessions booked in advanced.

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