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Life Coaching and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Today's fast moving world has made it harder than ever to achieve balance in the midst of our chaotic lives. It is possible to stop the unwanted the cycle of stress, fatigue and frustration and bring balance back into our lives. 

When we become entrenched in a busy, high stress, and diary-filled lifestyle, we tend not to look outside of our own trench. Unless something shakes us up, we can easily fail to see even the most practical options that are available to us to bring calm and balance back into our lives.

Although we each have different interpretations of what work-life balance looks like, most people in principle hold a similar view of what life balance means: To have more etime available doing the things we're passionate about, outside of a work-focused environment. Life balance could mean spending more time with the family, more time on self-development, socialising with friends and community or even having more time to spend at the gym to get into better physical shape.

People often assume that achieving life balance is about making radical life changes, but this is seldom true. Drastic life changes will always take time and can often be difficult to implement. For most of us, its wiser to adopt the Mantra "one step at a time", because making minor adjustments in the way we live our lives can end up having a huge long term impact.

No one is perfect, and no one will ever achieve contentment in all of their main life areas. However its always possible to establish a better life balance.

Within the Life coaching sessions you will be able to identify destructive cycles and create new ones, be able to police and map your thoughts, grow in confidence and self esteem. Be successful and much much more. 


Life Coaching

£45 Individual Sessions.

£210 for 6 Sessions booked in advanced.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

£45 Individual Sessions

£280 for 8 Sessions booked in advanced

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