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My name is Angel, Palden Khadro 

I live in the Northamptonshire area.

I have been trained in Life Coaching for numerous years with great success. Helping everyone from all walks life to achieve their very best in life.

It’s important to keep ourselves mentally strong as-well as physically.

Having a healthy mind is essential to have a fulfilled and happy life. Getting rid of depressive cycles, unlimited beliefs, and stresses is key to leading a positive and productive life.

Mindfulness has been exercised in many cultures and religions for centuries, from all over the globe.

Adapted for today’s purposes you can understand yourself, improve your focus, goals, achieve more, improve on relationships and feel happy and content in the main areas of your life.

I am also a Grand Master Reiki Therapist. An ancient art of energy healing and grounding. Origins from the Buddhist going back centuries. Reiki is a powerful energy that removes energy blocks, balances and aligns the chakras. Fastens up healing processes. Great for mental and physical well being. Proving to be essential to ease short and long term illnesses, play a major part of pain management, depression, and enlightenment.

Helping you on all levels, mind, body and spirit.



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In Partnership with ...

Fitness without boundaries is a charity that looks after the health and well being for everybody!

Fitness Without Boundaries is a charity, which offers disabled people more choice and opportunities to enjoy the benefits of physical activity. We are committed to supporting disabled people in any way we can.

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